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Austrian Morbus Crohn-Colitis Ulcerosa federation

What is the OMCCV
How do we help?
Members of the Board
History of the ÖMCCV
European Youth Meeting 2007 in Austria
Hospitals in Austria
World Toilet Organization
Living with Crohn's Disease
Crohn’s disease fight continues
What is . . . . . . Austrian Crohn's Colitis Association ?

The OMCCV (Austrian Crohn’s Colitis Association) is a self-initiative by affected people affected with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).

We are a non-profit association who aims to raise and advance public understanding of the problems faced by IBD sufferers.

We aim to alleviate the fate of Crohn’s and Colitis patients, to promote self-help and to bring a greater quality of life for each individual.

In addition to medical support, we believe that it is important to bring IDB-patients together to socialise and help each other to overcome and resolve common issues in their private and social lives.

Last but not least, contact with other IBD-patients helps to prevent social isolation, allows them to speak openly about their experiences, and helps to minimise concerns and fears.

In a Video on YouTube you can see what the ÖMCCV is.

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