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Austrian Morbus Crohn-Colitis Ulcerosa federation

What is the OMCCV
How do we help?
Members of the Board
History of the ÖMCCV
European Youth Meeting 2007 in Austria
Hospitals in Austria
World Toilet Organization
Living with Crohn's Disease
Crohn’s disease fight continues
How do we help ?

Here at ÖMCCV we provide direct help for sufferers of inflammatory bowel diseases and their families. Our services include:

· Providing information on the course and effects of the disease
· Offering telephone help and/or counselling for sufferers of inflammatory bowel diseases
· Sharing new relevant research conducted in the fields of medicine, labour and social rights
· Offering help and advice in regards to social and workplace related issues
· Hosting events: such as forums for discussions, hosting lectures by specialists and seminars for doctors and patients.
· The distribution of a printed semi-annual members’ magazine
· Attendance at medical symposiums
· Research grants
· International collaboration with sister organisations within the scope of the EFCCA

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