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Austrian Morbus Crohn-Colitis Ulcerosa federation

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European Youth Meeting 2007 in Austria

The European Youth Meeting (EYM) took place from 9th to 12th of August in Graz. Hosting country was Austria; organised by the Austrian association “Österreichische Morbus Crohn und Colitis ulcerosa Vereinigung” (ÖMCCV).

About 30 people from all over Europe came together in Graz: Denmark, Germany, England, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain, Hungary, Cyprus, and of course Austria.

This was the 10th time European youth group leader meet to raise awareness about Crohn’s and Ulcerative colitis and to exchange experiences about the disease.
Teilnehmer des EFCCA-Jugendtreffens in Graz
There exists a big taboo about the disease, because nobody wants to talk about “going to the bathroom” or “excrements”. And didn’t you know: ladies don’t poop! Anyhow, young people with inflammable bowel disease (IBD) meet to work on projects concerning IBD. And one of the most important things: the participants do also have IBD.

One of the realised projects is called “The game”. A board game was created with the mascot “Loekie” on it. You have to roll a dice and than answer a question about IBD. If your answer is correct you can move forward, if not backwards. The intention of this game is to explain children IBD. The game can be found on the website www.efcca.org/eyg - and further information about the EYM too!

Gabi Kameritsch

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