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Hospitals in Austria

Hospitals in Austria (PDF, 1217 KB)

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Health and Women (BMGF), now Federal Ministry of Health, Family and Youth (BMGFJ), has issued the sixth revised edition of "Krankenanstalten in Österreich/Hospitals in Austria", the directory of all inpatient hospitals in Austria officially registered under the Federal Hospitals Act (KAKuG). The directory is available on this web site both online and as a PDF-download of the printed brochure:

­- The online version is an address and telephone directory with additional statistical information on hospital resources and services in all of the nine provinces of Austria. The online database allows targeted searches for obtaining information on individual hospitals.

- ­The bilingual brochure provides a complete overview of the Austrian hospital sector, and thus constitutes an important supplement to the online directory. It is in great demand both in Austria and abroad and is intended as a working aid for health professionals and to assist interested non-professionals to obtain an informative insight into hospitals in Austria.

The brochure can either be downloaded (see above) or be obtained through our order service.
The online version provides the most recent information at any given time whereas the brochure reflects the status of information at the end of 2006. This means that the online information may vary slightly from the contents of the brochure. The statistical information concerning number of beds, special departments/wards and major medico-technical equipment is based on recent hospital statistics, reflecting the status as at 31 December 2005.

On the german sites of the homepage we have a list of Austrian IBD-hospitals.

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